Thursday, December 11, 2014

4 months in Steamboat!

4 months in Steamboat!
This last months have been awesome. First of all I had my first Halloween in the U.S, was super fun and I carved mi first pumpkin!. Football was over just the day of Halloween, it was a good game but we lost anyway. For all the seniors, the football team gave a lot of presents to us, that was really nice from them, they gave me a box made of wood with my name print in it and the football season, also I get mi big letter S, a pin of a football (which is awesome for my blazer) and a board with pictures of my and the signature of all the football team, and that will be a memory I will have forever.
On November I went to Chicago with my host mom Julie and my host brother Jacob, was an incredible trip and thanks them I got to know a new and beautiful city. We went to the famous "The blue man group" show, was hilarious! The second day we went downtown to millennium park, the silver bean and a Red Bull can art exhibition. Also we went to the planetarium and aquarium. At the end of the day we went to the Willis Tower, se second biggest building in the world, after a Tower on China, of course, Chinese... In that tower they have a deck called sky deck and you can see what is under you on the floor 103, is pretty scary! On Saturday we went to Julie's sister in law, Jill, and her two kids Max and Jack. They are super funny and interesting, that night we went to the Chicago Bulls basketball game! An incredible experience. That day we also went to Dave&Busters, a place to play games and get prices,fortunately I get a Minion, and I love it!.
One more thing I did on December was go to Fruita, Colorado, for a biking trip with the Rotarian Eric, that was super fun because we were a large group mountain biking in that amazing place, and a ride for the first time at night, which was also amazing!.
Snow started already, and now is more cold. I follow the advice of a lot of people and I bought some great The North Face snow boots, which are already my favorites, they are super warm and waterproof. We went for hikings in the mountain withe the Taulmans the one that were exhausting but fun.
And finally, I had my first thanksgiving ever! Was super fun, in Lincoln, Nebraska, and I went with my second host family, the Schlichts, who were really good with me and also Suzanne's brother and his family, the Antinoro's. Lincoln is a good city, I really liked and we went to the college basketball game in the brand new arena from the city. I also experimented the "Black Friday", and really didn't like it at all, a lot of people and a lot of waste of time, but the good news is that I could get an iPad with a good deal.
Now we are already on December and I'm looking forward for Christmas! My first Chrismas away from home, but with an amazing host family!
The school is going pretty good, I'm ready to end this period and start the new one with another cool classes and class mates. At the moment I'm doing a three day 'Interpreter training' with the Integred community from the city, in the school, so I can become an interpreter by giving an exam an passing it.

                                           First pumpkin carved for Halloween!
                                            The Football team
                                            Senior night with Taulman's
                                             Beautiful city of Chicago at night!
                                                            Chicago at day
                                                      The silver bean, amazing
                                                The Willis Tower, floor 103, 1450ft.
                                                     Chicago Bulls Game!
                                     Fruita, Colorado with this Amazing Rotarians!
                                               Going for a hike in emerald mountain
                                                       Lincoln's capitol
Abraham Lincoln statue, Lincoln, Nebraska

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