Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sebastian - United States 2014/2015

Hello everyone! I am Sebastian and I'm an exchange student from Argentina. I born in September the 9 in the south of Argentina. I have been in Steamboat Springs for 5 weeks and I'm really enjoying it, it's a beautiful place and people are really nice. My host family is really good and we always have fun. Here i went to the ski area and see the city from there, it was great, also i went to the Rodeo for first time, and really liked. I tried marshmallows also for my first time and they are delicious! We went to Catamount lake and a fished a fish, it was awesome. And two weeks ago, my host mom, brother and me run the Color Fun Run, an amazing experience!

One of the best things i have done here is meet the other exchanges students from the district, they are really my friends now, we are a big family!.

   Foto: four days ago I didn't know who these people were and now they are part of me.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Seba! I want to see football photos next! Go Sailors! Your counselor Kris Hammond